Oskar Pieprzak

Winner of the title of Polish ATV PZM Champion in 2015.

Since 2008. I have been regularly competing in the most difficult cross-country rallies in Poland. Founder and instructor of the ATV Academy.

About Oskar


He has been riding quads since 2006, when every traverse made him afraid of breaking himself and his quad. Today, quad cross-country is fun, passion and sport for Oskar. When he rides a quad, he enjoys every kilometre, and the harder it gets, the greater his mobilisation. According to Oskar, driving a cross-country quad is a matter of technique, preparation and finding your O point. It is also the art of decision-making and reading the terrain, from the stage of preparing the equipment in the garage to the final access road. Cross-country quad biking is a combination of courage and humility and the ability to read the terrain, because here you have to anticipate every metre of the route.




Oskar Pieprzak is an instructor and creator of ATV-Academy, whose passion is quads and cross-country rallies. He has won many victories in competitions of this type and successfully participates in more. His skills on a quad are not only speed and agility, but also excellent technique in difficult terrain.

As an ATV-Academy trainer, Oskar Pieprzak shares his knowledge and experience with course participants. He teaches the correct ATV riding technique on mountains, water and mud. His training courses focus on the technical aspects of riding, such as overcoming climbs, traverses and powerful descents.

Author of the online training course "SZKOŁA QUADA"


Oskar Pieprzak’s quad bike school is the only quad bike training in Poland and Europe where you will learn how to ride a 4×4 quad bike!

Knowledge, proven techniques and exercises are the foundation of safe quad riding, which gives a lot of satisfaction and allows you to fully devote yourself to this passion. The ability to understand the causes of certain situations, how to minimise risks and react appropriately is a guarantee of your safety and that of your fellow riders.




Oskar Pieprzak has been competing regularly in Poland’s toughest cross-country rallies since 2008.

In 2015. he won the title of Polish ATV PZM Champion.

“Sport has taught me to be here and now. To win, to lose, but above all to look ahead and your opponent straight in the eye. To fight until the last second and until the last kilometre.”

Winner of:

Polish Cup in 2013,
Polish Championship in 2015,
Polish Championship in 2017,
7th place at the world’s toughest rally HTW in 2019,
Winner of 2nd place in the Polish Cup in 2022.



Do you feel that your quad riding skills are stagnating ? Do you want to improve your off-road quad biking skills ?

If you strive for perfection, learn from the best !

Oskar Pieprzak is a multiple Polish champion in off-road quad rallies, which have no secrets from him.

He will help you understand quads and teach you techniques that will allow you to overcome obstacles that were previously inaccessible to you.



  1. Sidzina – Cross Country
  2. Rally 2008, 4th place
  3. Bieszczady dla Wszystkich 2009 year, 6th place
  4. Bieszczady Wilderness 2009 year, 3rd place
  5. Dzicz Bieszczadzka (Wilderness) 2010, 4th place
  6. Bieszczady Wilderness 2010 year, 5th place
  7. Dzicz Bieszczadzka 2011 year, 3rd place
  8. Bieszczady Dla Wszystkich 2010 year, 1st place
  9. Dzicz Bieszczadzka 2010 year, 2nd place
  10. Dzicz Bieszczadzka 2011 year, 10th place / completed on one drive.
  11. Dzicz Bieszczadzka 2011 year, 2nd place
  12. Cross-country ATV Championship 2012 year, 1st place – Round I
  13. Cross-country ATV Poland Cup 2012, 9th place – Round I
  14. Cross-country ATV Cup Poland 2012, 2nd place – Round II
  15. Cross-country ATV Championship 2012, 1st place – Round II
  16. Silesia Rally Marathon 2012, 3rd place – Round II
  17. Cross-country ATV Cup of Poland 2013, 1st place – Round I
  18. Cross-country ATV Championships 16-18 XI 2012, Round II – 1st place
    1st place in general classification of Cross-Country Championships 2012 year.
  19. Polish Cross-Country ATV Cup PZM 1st round
  20. Bieszczady 2013, 1st place
  21. Polish ATV Cross-Country Cup PZM 2nd round Biedrusko 2013, 1st place
  22. Polish ATV Challenge Walim 2013, 2nd place
  23. Polish ATV Cross-Country Cup PZM 3rd round Włocławek 2013, 1st place
  24. Polish Cross Country Cup 2013 year, 1st place in general classification 2013
  25. Quadowe Bezdroża – spring 2014 year – best result in EXTREME class
  26. Quadowe Bezdroża – autumn 2014 year – 1st place in the EXTREME class
  27. Polish Championship 2015 year 1st round Bieszczady, 1st place
  28. Dzicz Bieszczadzka Reaktywacja – Jelenia Góra, 2nd place
  29. Polish Championship 2015 year 2nd round Golub Dobrzyń, 2nd place
  30. Polish Championship 2015 year 2nd round Drawsko Pomorskie, 2nd place
  31. Quadowe Bezdroża – spring 2014 – best result in the EXTREME class
  32. Polish Championships 2015 year, 1st place general classification Polish Champion title
  33. Cross-country Polish Championship Golub-Dobrzyń 2017 year 3rd round – 1st place
  34. Cross-country Polish Championships Stężnica 2017 1st round – 1st place
  35. Cross-country Polish Championship Jelenia Góra 2017 2nd round – 1st place
  36. Polish Championship 2017 year – Polish Champion title
  37. Dzikowisko Bieszczadzki Quad Rally 2018 year – 1st place
  38. Romania Hunt The Wolf 2019 year (toughest crossing rally in the world) – 7th place in the World
  39. Dzikowisko Bieszczadzki Rajd Quadowy 2019 year – 2nd place
  40. Polish ATV Cup 2022 – 2nd place

Train with the Polish ATV Champion

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Oskar Pieprzak has been involved with quads for 16 years, his knowledge and experience of cross-country quads is one of the greatest in Poland and Europe.

He is the creator of the author’s quad driving training programme, which effectively teaches driving at every level – opening eyes and building a new awareness of 4×4 vehicles.

, “Quads are a way of thinking – get to know my quad philosophy”.
Oskar Pieprzak
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